Glad all over......

I just finished planting about 300 of these beauties.

I never used to like gladiolas.  But some how, they have stolen my heart.

The colors are bold and bright .... yet delicate and lovely.

Here in the Midwest, we should dig these up and store during the winter.  I don't.  By October, I am tired and definitely bored with anything floral but fabric!!!! But often, they have come back faithfully ... year after year.

We had a particularly tough winter this year (I know! I know!  We are all trying to forget!!) so very few glads poked their stiff sword-like leaves out of the ground.

So .... I planted more!  Never a problem for me!

The gardens are coming around slowly this year.  I am eliminating a couple of very large areas ..... and re-building a couple of other areas.  I am trying to make the farm work better for us now and in the long run.

Since it is just me on the farm on a daily basis ...... all of this "re-do work" may take a while. 

I am seeing hints of blooms .......yes, spring will come.


Ginny said…
I always admire gladiolas, but never buy them, maybe this year. Though I tend to stay away from real flowers, I have a girly girl cat that loves to sniff (that's okay) and EAT all flowers, not good.

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