So excited!!!

I will readily admit that it doesn't take much to excite me some days.

But This. Is. A. Biggie.

Donahue has a restaurant.

Not a bar.  (Which we have.)  Not a pizza joint (Which we also have and is awesome!)

But a real downtown restaurant.

The Depot.

A place where I can refer our customers and be proud of the atmosphere and the food. 

A place where I can get a good homemade meal ... quickly and easily by driving a mile.

A place that I can proudly use as a landmark on where to turn to get to Miss Eff's.

I so wish I had Before pictures! The restoration of this building has been nothing less than spectacular!  And Scott County Preservation needs to take note.... it is that good!!!

Sam used 1918 photos of the building as his guideline for restoration.  And look at this interior!!!

They were able to save and restore part of the floor. 

They kept the Keppy's General Store sign.

And they filled the walls with old photos of Donahue and the railroad depot that was next door.

Now ... the important stuff...... the food.

First of all --- your meal is served in a vintage metal pie plate!  Loved that detail!!!

I ordered a "Black and Blue" burger .... Black Angus beef with Blue Cheese.  It was juicy and smothered in blue cheese.  Honey's hand cut battered tenderloin (And trust me ... he KNOWS tenderloins!) was delicious. 

We ordered fried mushrooms as a starter .....fresh mushrooms, battered and fried there.... not merely "dropped!"

Every order gets a deviled egg with it.  A nice touch ..... very "down home Iowa".

And that's the way The Depot feels .... down home Iowa.  Friendly.  Warm.  Home-cooking.

So -- a note to my customers -- you have wanted a good place to eat.  And now we have it.  Support it.  Have a glass of their 1919 root beer.  Relax. 

And tell them Miss Eff sent you! 

But there is a good chance you might just run into me!


Michelle said…
This reminds me of the Pioneer Woman's family's restoration going on. I LOVE it when people do this! Congrats on the good restaurant; may it prosper!

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