The welcome mat ...

There are days I have no idea how much work it takes to get this place looking good.

I am certain we are waaaaayyyy behind. 

Then ... I realize that everything kind of looks like it always does this time of year. 

The lilacs have bloomed and are done.  The few tulips have faded.  The peonies and iris have tight buds that are loosening in the heat of the day.

Memorial Day is early this year so I struggle with the thought that we will




be ready. 

Yesterday ..... we made progress.  Not huge big progress, although we weeded, planted and mulched for over 6 hours.

The end of the lane is ready to greet you.

I have high hopes for this garden.  I always have high hopes for this garden.  The garden and I have had a love-hate relationship for years.  But I continue to plant ........... and plant .......... and plant things that I love.

Yesterday ... I planted 100 liatrus bulbs.  I'm hoping they can compete with the heliopsis "Summer Sun" which is MUCH too happy to be there.  The great thing .... Heliopsis blooms all season and its sunny yellow color does make me smile.

But so does this "Little Kim" lilac.

The gardens will be clean.

Mulch will be spread.

Flowers will be planted.

And when it is time .................

even the flowers will bloom.

There is a time and a season.


Barb said…
Once we realize and accept "it will never, ever be done" we can take a deep breath and just let go. (But.....easier said than done, right???????) I was going to sit on the deck, take a break and relax for a change but it is so beautiful this morning that I want to jump right in, get things done and THEN relax this afternoon......but, you know what? still won't be all done. Maybe we need a therapy group! :O)

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