It was a dark and stormy night....

It is June in the Midwest.

And as long as I can remember it has meant thunderstorms, storm warnings and tornadoes.

I am frightened by high winds, yet totally in awe.  I love the moment when we sit on the hill and watch as the storms come in from the west.  I sit on the porch and listen to rain .... watch the clouds rush in and hear the sirens from miles away.

But early Tuesday morning was a bit of a rough ride ... I guess.  OK ... I pretty much slept through the WHOLE thing! 


Crash!  Crash! Boom! Boom!

Trees and branches falling all around us ............. and I'm asleep. 

Yea .... I slept through that.

And that! 

And large branches from 4 more trees!  And part of the neighbors' fence and a huge branch from their tree.

Yea .... a 20+ foot branch had the nerve to fall on the tea cup tree!

I know!!!!!!

If I had been awake .... there would have been hell to pay for that!! 

We lost ONE tea cup .... and that was because it took a direct hit from the branch.

But we got even ...............

That branch will burn in hell!!

OK --- it will burn in the woodstove. 

Close enough!


Feel your pain! We too getting the storms here followed by oppressive heat and mud. Flowers look good but so do the weeds. Tell me again why we live this farm life? I forget.

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