Making it pretty ...............

So much of Miss Eff's is about ........... pretty.

Pretty, cute, unusual ..... find your own adjective.

But every year, I have to change things up a bit.  This year, I have a few new cute spaces and a few different spaces.

Tuesday, I hit my favorite thrift (which will remain nameless!) and found this fabulous bench.  I didn't hesitate one bit when I saw it!

Ok ... it had me at through tenons.

The Barbie Dream House Porta Potty hasn't arrived yet.  We currently have the "boy-toy" version.  (It has a urinal)  But I did fluff the lounge area up a bit! 

I wanted to sell this table ..... then I realized it would make the perfect vanity on the farm.  And if I sold it .... I was going to have to buy something new!  I need to find a pillow ... and do some soft-scaping with fabric.

But it is soooo getting there!

I used this piano bench as an end table in the office/sewing room.  It had to go .... it was in the way.  So again, I thought about selling it.  But it works perfect under the lilacs.

Walking through the garden to the little gazebo, I noticed this ...........

Delphiniums are beginning to bloom!!!!  Now ... to get everything else blooming!!!

The little gazebo needed a lift.

I saw this idea and quickly copied it!  It is now my idea!  ;)

An old wreath frame + lots of left over ribbon = fun!

It just dances in the breeze.

And finally .....

Even my chippy worn old house can look good with a fresh, pretty hanging basket!

Yep .... pretty flowers and little chippy china can make anything look good!


Barb said…
You do "making pretty " so well!

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