Rain vs Drought

Every so often, someone will comment on last year's drought.

They will say .......... You must be happy with all the rain we have gotten this year.

And I am.

And I'm not.

(Typical farmer .... weather never makes them happy!!!)

So today ... I will show you the results of too much rain.

These are Rose Magic Dianthus ......... they will look like this when they bloom.

Except for that tall round red thing ........ that is Strawberry Fields Gomphrena.  We don't always weed out what God plants!  :)

This is a healthy dianthus.

Dark green ... straight and tall and budding out.  There is also a very healthy lamb's quarters behind it.  :(

This is an over-watered (too much rain) dianthus.

The leaves are a lighter green .... they appear wilted.  And there is a strong possibility, if we don't dry out, this plant will die.

The center stem also becomes very fragile and breaks when it is barely touched.

Think of giving a toddler a sippy cup made out of Waterford crystal ......... same results.

Which is why weeding is not a job for toddlers!!!!! 

(That is also why I may ask you to cut flowers .... not your children.  When plants are strong and healthy ... they can take a little rough play.  When they are stressed and fragile .... they need lots of TLC! )

The plant will survive without the center stem but the tallest and largest bloom of the season is gone.

Just like that!

As a small farmer, I can control watering during a drought year but the sub-soil needs that deep moisture.  I have absolutely no control over too much rain ..... unless I build a giant umbrella.

Rain vs. Drought???

Tough call ............

Can I ask for perfect weather??????


Ah yes...the bane of too much. Our pastures are growing well but the soil so soft the cows feet just tear them up and then regrowth is compromised. It's very humid and hard to work outside and weeding the garden is tough work without compacting the soil around the plants. Thank God we farmers are paid so well ! Ha and ha again.

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