Monday, June 16, 2014

They are here! They are here!!!


Can I hear an Amen????

Seriously ..... they are right on time!  Over the last 13 seasons .... opening day for cutting has been around June 15th.  And we are 4 days late.

Not bad considering we had a frost warning less than a month ago!!!

We will be open for cutting on Thursday morning at 9 am.

Flowers will still be limited ... but we should have the following .......


Fama blue and white scabiosa

Yarrow ... in shades of pink, purple, pale yellow and white


We do have fat buds on snapdragons .... that weren't there yesterday.

And lilies .... are beginning to show some color.

This week's selection will still be somewhat limited.  Next week .... the show will really begin!

So for those weddings that are this week ..................


Oh .... that means I can exhale!


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