Webster's Dictionary has many definitions for anality.

In this household ... it is defined as Miss Eff and Honey agonizing on home improvement projects.

We have our own division of "labor" ..... so to speak.

Honey is all about straight, level, square and the ability to actually do the above mentioned home improvement project.  (Cuz occasionally .. I'll come up with some pretty outrageous ideas!)

I am all about proportion, color and style ....and what is House Beautiful going to say.  Because I am certain they are driving around ... saying .......... That light is too small.  Or ... Really?? They used that color of shutter with that color of roof?


Yea .... we agonize.  Separately, but equally.

So currently, we are laying out a new sidewalk.  And a small patio.  And lights.

That should be easy enough.


I want the sidewalk to be 4' wide.  The width of the step into the house. See the layout cords???  Wide enough that two people can walk side by side.


But as you can see ...... the steps weren't built straight, square, level to the rest of the house. 

And as usual .... we can only do things one little step at a time.  New steps will have to come later.

(Hey!!!  We pay cash for all our home improvements!!  I'm damn proud of that!!  And so little steps, it will be!)

So Honey is agonizing over that.  See this big hunk of concrete

It wasn't going to be leaving until the steps went out.  But now it is.


Me .... I have my own issues.

Currently .... I am all about lighting!  Lights in the kitchen ... lights in the living room.  Garden lights.  Path lighting.  Porch lighting.  And post lights.

And I hate the big box home centers lighting selection!!  And post lights are the WORST!!!!

First of all .... they all look alike.  Like we all live in a carriage house.  Oh, they may be white or black.  Some may have brass trim ... but they look pretty much alike!  And they don't fit an old farmhouse look.

Secondly ... they are much too small.  The average house built in America is now 2300 square feet.  Most of the home center post lights would proportional fit a 900 square foot home.  I know it is all about cost.  If they stocked larger lights ... the price would be more and therefore, they would sell less.

And lastly, they are made out of plastic.  Most of the time, you can drive around a neighborhood and see lamp after lamp that are broken.  Whether its the top, the glass inserts .... they don't work for the long term.

So I had some specific requirements ...

They had to be dark sky certified.

They had to blend with the roof, gutters and future house colors.

They had to be metal ... post, light ... and not just cheap pot metal!

And they had to have a "different" look.

Yea ... define that one for me!  Cuz I can't!

Well ........ this is what I bought.  Solid brass light with a bronze finish ....the aluminum post was by another company.  I was worried about color blend ... but I am pleased.

This is not installed ... just a "lookie-see" how this placement will look.  It will be much lower.

And then, I go back to work.

Move shrub ... Move bell .... Find screen door for the porch ...  Move plant bracket to other side of door to balance out the light fixture.

Anal .... I tell ya, we are anal!!!!


colleen said…
Love your new light. Love, Love, Love. It is all going to look so awesome when you get it finished!!and everything "balanced out" You are an inspiration for those of us who have to bits and pieces at a time....when the $$$ is on hand. I didn't get all done I wanted this year..ran out of $$ so going to plug away at it again next year. Thanks for your posts.
Dan Mays said…
One suggestion:
If you really want to have a walkway "walkable" for 2 people side-by-side, you should consider a 5, or even 6 foot wide walkway. Yes ... you would also need wider steps and, perhaps, also need to open-up the porch railing.

I know that 4 feet is often the default thinking for sidewalk width, but this really only works well for two kids walking to school. Adults require more width to really make it a comfortable excursion. Additionally, a wider walkway adds a certain level of subconscious sumptuousness -- that warm, welcoming feeling.

Of course, if you want historical accuracy, a 2 foot sidewalk would be in order. :-(

I thought long and hard about the walkways into and around my entire landscape. After lots of research, I went with a 6 foot walkway; and we are very glad that we did. In addition to an increased level of comfort, a wider walkway also imparts an increased sense of importance as an entryway into your home --- the destination of highest value.

A rule of landscape design is that the width of a walkway should be directly proportional to the level of importance given to that pathway. For example: The entry into your home should be the widest and the path out back to the compost pile only needs to be wide enough for your wheelbarrow.

Give it some consideration.
Miss Effie said…
I will, Dan. I struggle with making a cozy entry .... and a practical in the "old" sense of the word. Like Honey and I with walkers and home health care. :(

I'm trying to come up with lengthening the treds of the steps so it is easier to use with a cane/walker.

Thanks for the insight! Brilliant as always!

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