Five Star Customer Service

We all complain about the lack of good customer service.

 Lord knows, you have heard the woes about my washer!  Over and over and over again.

This time, I am singing the praises about a great retailer.

As most of you know ... we live in an 1890 Victorian Classic-L farmhouse.  And restoring an old house like this takes time ............. and money ......... and a lot of searching for just the right pieces.

It would probably be wiser to work on just one room at a time.  But no one has ever said I was wise.

So I buy something for the kitchen ... something for the office ... a little something for the bedroom.  Slowly I make a little progress all around.

I have plans for my living room.  I want these curtains .... over these shades ..... and this lamp will sit on the table in front of the bay window.

I've been watching this lamp around cyber space.  It finally went on sale at House of Antique Hardware.
I have used the retailer for all sorts of hardware, window lifts, shelf brackets but I have never ordered a lamp from them.

Yesterday .... it arrived.

I have to admit I was excited.

I put it together and sat it in front of the window ..... without these curtains or shades.

But .... as I am sharing the excitement of my new lamp with a friend  ... I see this.

A small break in the filigree.  I checked all the packing and nothing was there.  Obviously, someone else had missed the break when shipping it.

I contacted House of Antique Hardware and sent them a photo.

Today ... they called me with "good news and great news".

First ..... they are replacing the lamp.  Not just the shade but the entire lamp.  AND I get to keep the lamp that I received!!


That is 2 lamps for the price of one (realizing that one does have a minor defect.)

And the new lamp has shipped already.


So .... if you hear me sing the praises of Quoizel and the House of Antique Hardware over and over and over again will know why.

Cuz 5 star customer service needs to be celebrated!!!


Kelly said…
I totally agree and when I get it, I sing it from the roof tops!!!

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