Half empty?? Half full??

OK -- I have to be honest here ... I am struggling a bit.

Oh ... business is good.  Bills are under control.  Our health is great.  And work is even getting done around the house ... though it may not be the work that we planned.

No ... this is the struggle. 


Yep ... the number 60.

It gets listed on my driver's license as of Sunday.  I turn 60.

When in the world did I get so old????

Last time I looked .... I was 21!!!

And this is what is getting to me ............ best case scenario, I'm 2/3 done.

Two-thirds of my life is over????  Really???

I've got sooooo much to do!!!!  I am not even close to accomplishing everything I wanted to accomplish.  Heck -- just getting through my yarn and fabric stash alone should keep me going for another 50 years!!!

Those dreams of my youth still haunt my memories.

I wanted to be the first female President of the United States .... and its sad to think, theoretically, it could still happen.

I wanted my house to be published in a magazine.  Old farmhouses with living rooms with blue wallpaper with hearts probably won't make House Beautiful.  (Cue the 1980's geese!)

I wanted to weigh what my driver's license says I weigh.  Yea ... Not. So. Much.

So very much more I want to  do .... and the question is, Will I?

Everyone says .... It is only a number.  And it is.

But its a BIG number!

It seemed so old when I was 19. 

It seemed so far away.

And now its here.

I guess I will just have to stay tuned to watch the end of the story. 

I hope you will watch with me.


Michelle said…
I'm a few (not many!) years behind you, and this post made my stomach knot. I think this way, too, keeping a mental tally of how much time I have left against what I still want to do. I do try to remind myself, though, that the best (heaven and the new earth) is yet to come!
Ginny said…
I am 60, when the day hit, I ignored it :-). Keep doing what you are doing. Les (hubby) decided this winter @ 62 he wanted to become an auctioneer, we are still working thru that but he went to school for 10 weeks with a bunch or whipper snappers and past the course with one B the rest were A's!!

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