Just sayin' "Yes"!

Maybe some of you have noticed that I am trying hard to learn a new word for me.


No ... that's the word I need to learn.

But I have to say .... saying "yes" has been the most fun!!

Several years ago ... I never dreamed that anyone (other than Honey and I) would ever want to get married on the farm.  When I was asked ... I probably appeared shocked. 

Here???  You want to get married here??

But since that time ... we have met amazing couples that share a little bond with Honey and me...... being married on a hill, overlooking a lush green farm field.

I was be-fuddled when some one asked to use our farm for photography sessions.  But I hesitantly said ... Yes, if you want to. 

And now ... a week doesn't go by that we don't have a photo shoot of some kind on the farm.

I don't make a lot of money ($25 per session) but it's a little extra to help with farm decor purchases.  And I get to see my farm through the talented eyes of a photographer.

When I was asked if I sewed .... I stumbled through the statement ... I used to sew a lot.  And although, I am certain I hyper-ventilated through teaching my first sewing class, it has released the absolute joy of sewing that was trapped within my soul.

I have said Yes to interviews after others said NO.

Saying Yes ... may take you out of your comfort zone.

Saying Yes .. may cut into your regularly scheduled day.

Saying Yes ... may be inconvenient, scary, and frightening.

But saying yes, has brought me opportunities, joys, excitement and friends .... that I would never have met.

You can live your life safely .. by saying no every time a question is asked.  Or you can take a chance to fail by saying yes.

I have crashed time after time after time.  Failure is never fun.

But I have soared against the clouds .... and flying so high is much more fun than staying firmly and safely in your own little corner.


Oh sister you always sing it so well! I remember when we said YES to selling meat to restaurants and YES to selling to grocery stores and YES to speaking at Chef Camps and homesteading conferences,each of those came with so many new experiences and new friends(like you.) Now, at 55 learning to say yes to little stuff like letting the 6 yr old grandson teach me to do backflips in the swimming pool. Life really is fun isn't it?

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