My snarky is coming through ....

I have been diagnosed with a dominant snarky gene.

I am absolutely certain of it.  If there was a test .... it would say that.  Dominantly snarky!

And I find ... the older I get .... the harder it is to hide it.

I mean .... I really do try to be nice.

But sometimes ..... me ... being nice???  Not so much.

I had that moment yesterday.

I got a phone call from the manager of a new community venture in a near by town.  He was looking to buy eggs at a wholesale .... so he could re-sell them at a profit.

Now ... selling eggs at a wholesale price is usually not a good deal for me.  I currently have a waiting list for our eggs.   I like to have eggs for our customers that come to the farm.  And my break-even point is usually below the "wholesale" price.  And when I sell eggs at wholesale .... I want it to be for our local restaurant .... The Depot.

Most small farmers in my area quickly sell out of fresh farm eggs so I don't know too many that have extra. But  I did give him a couple of names.

It surprised me as he did not recognize any of the names I gave him ..... and had no clue about their location and what they did.  He might as well been plucked out of Chicago for the knowledge he had about our neighborhood and little town.

And then .... he said something that released the snarky in me.

Well -- maybe we can help you advertise to help your business.

At that very moment ... there were four cars in my driveway ... three different groups, chatting, relaxing, picking flowers and having fun. 

There were kids on the swing.

A picnic in the corn-zebo.

Photos were being snapped left and right.

A tour bus had just left.

I had just gotten two or three hugs from people as they had gotten out of their cars.

And there it was!!! SNARKY!!!!

Your advertising won't increase my business.

Yea..... I said that.  Out loud.  And not just that little evil voice that lives in my brain.

I said it right to him .... out loud.  Because it is true.  No amount of advertising will increase my business.

Only one thing will.  Well ... two things.

Quality product.  Fun, friendly, warm atmosphere. 

And advertising can't give me that.  No matter how much you think it does ... it doesn't increase business.  It may increase visibility ... if people see it.  But it can't increase business on its own.

This is what increases business for me ..... this is a letter I received yesterday.

Dear Cathy,

I'm writing to thank you for the magical experience of picking flowers for our daughter Maggie's wedding to Jaron, in June.  It remains one of the biggest highlights of an incredible wedding week.  

The flowers were just spectacular, and we'll never forget the fun and beauty of picking them ourselves on your glorious far! Your warmth and joy heightened the wonder of the day -- Lizzy still wants to come and live with you.  Maggie and Jaron are so grateful to you, too for making their beautiful wedding even more breathtaking.

Thanks from all of us.

Advertising might bring people in .... it might let people know you are there.

But only you and quality product can increase your business.

But you can't be snarky!!!!


Barb said…
I had the advertising folks bugging me all the time when I had my massage therapy business. They told me I HAD to advertise to stay busy. Uhm.....I worked 12 hour days and was solidly booked the whole time. (The main reason I had to quit after 10 took its toll on my body). I told them my practice was built on word of mouth, my kind, compassionate and caring attitude and no amount of advertising could beat that. They didn't like hearing that. Sometimes snarkiness if OK! ;0)
Michelle said…
Oh dear; if that's "snarky" then I need professional help!

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