Our Changing Landscape ... part 2

In the flower industry .... cuts that come from shrubs like hydrangea, viburnum and willow are called woodies.

I was going to title this post ... "the year of the woody".  But my very infantile-minded friends .. would immediately start giggling.  And I would be the butt of another joke.

Welcome to Beer Tuesday!  :)

Our plan this year was to spend most of the summer working on the house.

Cue Queen.

Yep ... another plan bit the dust.

So we jump on plan two!

All that remains of the willow ......


and the ash ....

is this.

Almost eighteen yards of wood chips that will find its way around my garden.  

Today is stump removal day.

Our stump grinding guy said the lower we got on the stump ... the cheaper it would be.

Yep .... Honey is whittling away on four large stumps and should have then all close to the ground by the time the stump grinder arrives.

He really needs a new chain saw and a good wife would make a note of that for a Christmas present.  

But what is there to cut down???  All of our large trees are down.

It may be a new Swiss Army knife!!!

So in the changes ............

 The Henry Lauder's Walking Stick was moved to the pond.  Not the best time of year to transplant ANYTHING   but we did it.  The leaves show signs of transplant shock but I think it just might make it.

The pond, on the other hand, needs resuscitation.  Liner needs to be replaced ... pumped died ... currently, it is a slimy, stinky mess.  It's another project that has been pushed back farther and farther down the list.

 Where the contorted fig (Henry Lauder's Walking Stick) was ... we planted this small but pretty Limelight hydrangea standard.  It had been pruned for ease of shipment.

But now ... I'm excited to report that small buds are forming!

Yea ... that will make me smile!

Right now, we have two new trees to plant in the place of the ash and the willow.  Including a beautiful paper bark maple!  (Smile number two!!!!)

Honey .... did you say something????  

You think we may need another tree???

Yep ... looks like we will be at our favorite garden center come closing time!!!!!


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