Some days ...........

Years ago, I asked a guy that I was dating why he had asked me out.  And I got this answer.

Some days, you just have to do things that scare the sh*t out of you.

(I was just a tad intense at the time!)

But he was brilliant ..... and that simple line impressed me.  Since I married him, I have been reminded of that line often.

Earlier this month, I was asked to do flower arrangements for a wedding reception.

I quickly responded with my usual answer .... I grow the flowers.  I don't do arrangements.  I don't drink that much.

Yea ... arrangements, brides, weddings .... scare the living daylights out of me.

(Obviously, I have seen one too many episodes of Bridezilla.  Actually, I have only seen part of one episode and that was too many for me!!!!)

But some how .... I pushed my fear aside and created these.

And I learned something.

I survived.

And again .... the lesson came back to me.

Fear of failure keeps us from soaring.

When I taught my first cooking class .... I was terrified!!  I was not a teacher.  I'm a good cook ... I'm fairly knowledgeable ... I'm funny and I like to include the class in the process.  But a teacher .. no way!!!  But I did it.

And I survived.

I was a bundle of nerves for my first sewing class.  Again ... sleepless nights, worried, worried, worried.

And now ...  sewing is one of my favorite things to teach.

I survived.

They say the world is full of nay-Sayers waiting to take you down.  And I know they are there. 

But the most powerful nay-Sayer lives in your own home.  Sleeps in your own bed.  And looks back at you in the mirror.

Honey is right ..... again.

Some days, you just have to do things that scare the sh*t out of you.


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