We be cannin'

Finally, canning season is starting at the Lafrenz household.

I have done some green beans and a little peach pie filling.  I did some peach rum sauce for ice cream, some canned cole slaw, and canned a chicken along with  5 pints of chicken broth.  But the majority of my canning efforts are always focused on tomatoes.

Today, we harvested a couple of small buckets of tomatoes and this was the result.

I always use a mix of varieties and colors of tomatoes to get the maximum flavor.

Herb-infused tomatoes.  These are some of my favorite things to do with tomatoes.

Today's are Italian Tomatoes .... tomatoes with basil, thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, garlic powder and hot pepper flakes.  This recipe is from Balls' Complete book of Home Preserving. 

If the house is on fire ..... I need to grab that book!  It is that awesome!!!

Seriously ... I love instant meals.  Saute mushrooms, summer squash, onions.... cook some pasta and pour this tomato mixture into the veggie combo.  Supper in less than 8 minutes. 

Takes longer to boil the water for the pasta.


I also do Cajun tomatoes and Mexican tomatoes with seasonings to blend with the cuisine. 

Now to pickle some banana peppers.

Boy, is it getting hot in the kitchen!



colleen said…
You sure have been busy. The tomatoes look delish!!! Canned cole slaw?!?! I have two cabbage that I'm going to try this with...I love cole slaw and who would of thought you can can it!!! My very next project..thanks for the idea!

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