Catching up .............

Every so often, I think that my life is slowing down just a bit. 

And then, I look around me and say, Oh Crap!  There is a lot of work to do!!!

Such is the way of the Summer Kitchen.

I work all winter and spring and I am certain that there is stuff hanging from the rafters.  Stuffed in every corner.  Piled in boxes.  Tea towels on top of tea towels.  Dishcloth on top of dishcloth.  So many aprons that may never catch a ray of the sun because they are behind more aprons.

And then fall comes .... and reality hits! 

Boy, is that Summer Kitchen empty!!!!!

It is time to get to work.  Weeding is left behind for sewing and knitting, spinning and embroidery.  I am trying to get caught up.

The last week or so has been dedicated to tea towels.  Yea ... I do remember how to embroider.

I love fruit based designs.

I love sweet bird designs.

Yea ..... I just love tea towels!!!!

And the needle cases were very popular this summer.  You can tell that I am in a woolie-fall mode with the penny rug look of this one.

And on this one too.

A customer brought an entire box of wool scraps.  They must have been samples, glued on to a catalog.  They are roughly 3" x 4" ...... and are in excellent condition.  They will be fun to use in penny rugs, needle cases and table runners with a folk art look.

And suddenly, there are no dishcloths!  Really?????  I feel like they are the only thing I knit!!  But I do enjoy them .... and I love this purple bunny dishcloth.

Finally, it is time to get to jammin'!  I feel like I haven't kept up at all!  OK -- it doesn't help when you burn a batch. 

I swear I was stir, stir, stirring away and then ............. SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!  Carmelized apricots .... not good.


But this batch is perfect ...........

There are more projects in the works..... more yarn on the needles..... more jam in the pot.

I'll get the Summer Kitchen stuffed again ..... and maybe my house will be less stuffed!

Or not. 



Ginny said…
Love my black duck needle case <3

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