Changing the attitude....

It is early September and I am already in "hunker down" mode.

You know -- from the moment fair season ended ..... county fairs, state fairs ..... my mind set always went to blue jeans, wool sweaters and apple cider fresh from the press.

And I am there now.

I'm thinking about spinning and knitting, teaching classes and cooking soup.  Yea ... I'm ready to turn the page on this summer.

So .... it is time to prepare for the long winter.

This weekend tomatoes took center stage.  My friend Debbie and I canned 44 quarts of tomatoes on Saturday.  Honey was right there too!  A true community effort.

Which was totally awesome ....... but we really do need to do more.  So next weekend -- we are at it again!!  We need salsa.  I am down to the last two jars..... which I must have been hoarding or they would have been gone by now!

You have all heard the tales of our storm damage ........ over and over and over again!  Well ... FINALLY! Honey has most of the downed trees cut, split and stacked.  And we would never have been close to this without the help and the log splitter of a dear friend!  :)

We've got wood!!!!

And more wood!!!!

And still more wood!!!!

Yea ... the woodstove will be going full blast this winter.

And finally, still in the warm-me-up-mode, I bought my first quilt kit.  

Yea.  Yea.  Yea.  (Insert the sarcasm font!) I bought a kit.  And what should be a simple kit at that.  

Yes.  I do know how to sew.  Yes.  I can pick out my own fabric.  But I didn't.

So a preview of warm things to come ....... my new quilt kit. It is a lap throw .... I hope to use a wool batt in it.  The flannels are so soft and the colors will warm up a cold winter night.  I think it is the perfect starter quilt.

This picture is from Fern Hill's website.   If you sew or antique or restore or eat .... you have got to go to Fern Hill in South Amana Iowa.  I have shopped there since 2002 ..... and I love it!  The nicest women ... beautiful fabrics ... antique quilts.... antiques ... architectural salvage .... and really great fudge.

Which pretty much sums up what I love about winter.  Good friends, antiques, fabrics and yarns, good wine and really great fudge.  

Sounds perfect to me!


Michelle said…
You perked me right up with "fudge." ;-)

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