Crumpling the List .......

To attempt to stay on task .... I have lots and lots of lists.

I have MUST-DO now lists.

I have Wanna-Do lists.

And I have Really-Should-Do lists.

(Some people are distracted by shining things.  Me ..... I am distracted by fuzzy things.  I can be working along and suddenly spot a piece of yarn, roving, felt, ribbon, fabric or lace ...... I am off and in my happy place.  And  nothing on the list gets done!)

This week has a particularly long list.

I had a pizza class in my kitchen yesterday where we made two pizzas, the crusts, and the cheese to go on top.  Which meant cleaning my house and organizing the kitchen.

I have a bread baking class on Wednesday ... which means baking 7 bread products before class and cleaning the kitchen afterward!

I have no jam in the Summer Kitchen.  And I will need to clean the kitchen before and after!

I need to make aprons and I have the fabric.

I want another dress and I have the fabric.

I need to sew undies and camis for lingerie class.......... that may or may not start on Thursday.  I have fabric for this too!

There are tomatoes that need canning and basil that needs to become pesto. And I have to pick up the windfall pears and get them to the chickens.

Honey needs a pair of socks.

I have primer and paint for screen doors that need to be done before winter.

The sidewalk, patio areas are slowly progressing so I need to plan the decorating for them and the porch for winter.

And the garden slowly needs to be put to bed.

Then there is the stuff that life is made of ..... laundry, meals,chicken duties, bill paying, house cleaning and maintenance.

And sleep!!  I particularly  love sleep!!!


This weekend ... I tossed the list out the window for these women!!

 And these women!

And these women!!

It was my college sorority's (4-H House) 80th Anniversary celebration and these pictures were taken at the 70's luncheon.

Some of these women I have known since I was 13 years old at 4-H camp.  And they inspire and amaze me all the time!

Knowing them, makes my heart sing and seeing them ......... well, it was really truly the best!

And .... I almost stuck to that damn list ..... just to get things done!!


Yea ... really stupid.

Cuz these friendships are the stuff life is really made of!  (Roll over in your graves, grammar police!!)

Work ethic, be damned!!!!

The Summer Kitchen will be out of jam for a while.  The apron fabric will stay in the pile.  And I just might BUY socks for Honey. 

Because ... I'm doing this again with another group of girlfriends next weekend.  And the next!!!

There are enough tea towels and aprons and jam and socks in the world.

There are not enough moments like these .. that make your heart burst with joy from knowing fabulous women!!!  Friends that you have not had for days ... or weeks ... but for years and years and years.

Love ya, sistas!!!!!


Ginny said…
Never ever pass up the time to spend with good friends!

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