Putting my toe in the water

People talk about making a living.  And life on a homestead is different.  It is about a lot of little checks.

I've talked about this before ...I sell a dozen eggs, make a new tea towel, teach a cooking class.  You get the idea.  Never much at one time .... but it does add up to make the insurance payment, the utility bill, the groceries.

If only I could find a way to make sure the propane tank is always filled.

With Honey approaching retirement age ... we are thinking about more ways to add little checks to the bank account.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from New York City!!!! (As said in a salsa-selling voice!)

The voice on the phone wanted flowers delivered to his mother for her 60th birthday.

As I explained to him ..... I am not a florist, I am a flower farm.  


And that was what he wanted.  Real flowers.   Not flowers that had acquired more air miles than he had.

Local, fresh, sustainable flowers.

Yea ... that was it.  He had me.

So I made a bouquet .... put it in a blue Ball jar .... tied a piece of antique lace around it.  And I will deliver it.

We no longer have a local florist .... and I may not want to do this on a regular basis ...... but it does seem like a good thing to add to the list.

Sell eggs, make a tea towel, teach a class, deliver flowers.

Lots of little checks ......

Who knows.  The propane tank may be filled yet!


Michelle said…
God has a thousand ways to our one. ;-)
Barb said…
Nice......I am sure the New York customer was very happy that you did this for his mom! :O)
Jay Johnson said…
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sure his mom LOVED them!!
They look lovely! This could open up lots of new doors. I completely understand...trying to keep the propane tank filled too on "little checks!"
Ginny said…
WOW how cool is that!!
colleen said…
I was happy just seeing your bouquet .... can't imagine receiving it!! I think this definitely should be part of your "little checks." The canning jar the bow and the flowers...what a perfect match.

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