Boot Scootin'

I love a good pair of boots.

I love cowboy boots, dress boots, shiny rain boots and even, muck boots! 

I love the "click, click, click" sound that high heeled boots make on a hard surface. 

And the power walk that can only come from an awesome pair of cowboy boots!!  Yea ... don't mess with a gal in cowboy boots!  (Hey!  I grew up in New Windsor! We can wear cowboy boots with the best of them!)

So its just natural that I would fall in love with boot cuffs.


They are just soooo cute. 

Colorful ribbed wool with a great picot cast-off to give them a ruffled edge when they are folded over the boots.

So I have been knitting like a mad woman.  (Not a far stretch at all, is it??)

Here are a couple of pairs that I have gotten done for the Summer Kitchen.

This is a pair of rustically spun Corridale wool ... nice thick, chunky cables to peak from the boot tops.   

This dark mossy green is a fairly long pair.  It does not turn down over the top of the boot .... but the cable-rib pattern is fabulous and may be perfect when paired with something dressier.  Like a skirt or dress pants.

100% Merino Super Wash wool for easy care

And finally .... these might be my favorite.


Until I knit another pair.   ;)

I love the reversible nature of these blue chunky wool boot cuffs.

100% wool ..... chunky knit.

You can turn the seed stitch side down .... like I did in this photo.  Or you can turn down the ribbed side.  It is seed stitch rib called the farrow stitch. 

I can just see these with a pair of jeans and dark brown leather riding boots.

There will be more heading to the Summer Kitchen .....

Or my closet.  

I'm not sure which.


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