I just need a little more time!!

There are not enough hours in a day for me!


I am not getting everything done that I would like to in one day!  But I do make a good effort so I should at least get credit for that.  I want credit for trying!

Yea ... I never heard an instructor say yes to that either.  ;)

Today ... I begin a week of really tough teaching.  OK ... not tough because it is difficult.  It's not tough because I LOVE the subjects.

It is tough because I am teaching 4 classes this week.

Next week, it could be five!

This week .... I am teaching two beginning sewing classes .... one class has 10 students!  Tonight ... I start a six-week series on Interior Design and your home.  And Wednesday, I teach a soup class that the last time I checked had 17 students.... which is really close to a sardine-packed class.

So who and why was there a crazy woman in my house that insisted on saying yes?


Pure and simple greed.

OK ... maybe not greed.  But I want this ceiling.

And this sink.

And maybe this dishwasher.

And since the kitchen fairy hasn't fluttered by my house and dropped off loads of cash ......... I need to work.

And work harder.

And teach.  And teach some more.

And sell this cute little tea towel.

The Summer Kitchen .... open every Friday from 9 to 3.  Other times, by appointment!


Yeah but I know you, you teach because you love to teach others about that which makes you happy. The ceiling is just an added benefit. You and I will be going and doing and going and doing as they put us in the ground...and still I doubt we'll shut up. Take care friend!
Anonymous said…
Miss Effie - will you be around next weekend? I'm coming from North Dakota for some business meetings that have me staying over the weekend - thought I would run out and say hi....check out the stuff in the summer kitchen....for some Xmas shopping - sorry I won't be there in December for the official Xmas shopping...Dr. ME

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