I'm here! I'm here!!

Seriously, I am alive and well and living under a sewing machine in Donahue!!

Whoa, what a week! 

OK ... for most of you, my week might have seemed ....well,  relaxing.  Calm.  Diva-like.  The ultimate kept-woman.  I was in my jeans, yoga pants, sweats............. just hanging around home. No classes.  No punching a time card.  Just casually sewing and knitting and embroidering. 


I have decided to host a Christmas Bazaar on the farm on December 6th.  (Mark it on your calendar NOW)

And the Summer Kitchen is empty.  Really empty.

Flower-picking season has been berry-berry goood to the Summer Kitchen but it is time to get it re-stocked.  And since I am the re-stocker, it means I have to get to work.

So two aprons are done and in the Summer Kitchen........... including this adorable Church Lady apron.

Which is just ducky.  (Yea ... I had to go there!)

Then I worked on tea towels ..... four of them this week.  I'll show you a couple or so.

 And I'm only giving you a sneak peak at this one!

It is soooooo adorable, you will have to drive out to see it!  


And I did this in honor of one of my friends .......... cuz I know how very much she enjoys her Crowsline!

Wink! Wink!

The knitting needles have been smoking with the addition of 4 dishcloths, a hat and new-for-the-Summer-Kitchen............... footies.

Everything in the Summer Kitchen is hand-made.  And that means I may only make one.  These are cute and cuddly but there is some serious time in these.  And gorgeous cables!  

So I have had this incredibly productive week.  I should sit back, relax and enjoy my accomplishments.

Except .............

I bought this fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I can not wait to see what it will become!!!


colleen said…
So glad to see you posted today. You do such beautiful work.. sure wish I could pop on over to the summer kitchen...but I'm afraid I live too far away :( You inspire me to dig deeper into my knitting/sewing..Thanks

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