So it has been a while!

OK -- I have to admit it has been a rough couple of weeks. 

And it is not ending anytime soon.  (Seriously!!  Who runs my mouth and says YES all the time??)

So I have been trying something I find difficult.  I need to squeeze a couple of more hours out of the day!  I am waking up a little earlier ..... going to bed a little later.  And working every moment I can in between.

Except for that 1/2 hour --- 45 minutes after supper.  That's snooze time!

Unless it is Wednesday or Thursday .... and then I squeeze it in around 4 before class.  And Monday .... well, its a complete loss for my nap!  Unless I take it around 9 am and I am still totally stoked from my 3 cups of coffee.

Yea ..... I have some serious first-world problems goin' on around here.


OK -- if you haven't gotten the Facebook memo --- I am hosting a bazaar on the farm on December 6th from 9 to 3.

Miss Eff's Country Cozy Christmas Bazaar.  

Everything is practical and useful. From tea towels to coffee cozies. I call it Practically Pretty!

Everything is made out of natural fibers and fabric. No polyester or acrylic here! Just wool, cotton, silk and mohair.  Even the felt I use for ornaments, pincushions and needlecases  is 100% Merino wool felt.  Yea ..... it means things will be more expensive than WalMart.

But it is real.  And it breaths.  And it lasts.

So I have been knitting and embroidering and sewing my very short, stubby fingers to the bone!!!

Here are a few of the things I have made this week and will be at the bazaar.

First, I had requests for pillowcases.  I made two pairs of holiday/winter pillowcases.  This might be my favorite.

100% cotton with a little bit of a sparkle feel.  They have a beautiful rayon trim between the paisley cuff and the holly plaid body.  (Yikes!  I do have some synthetic fiber!!!!)  They are $35/ pair.

I made these cute snowmen Christmas ornaments.  100% Merino wool felt with 100% cotton flannel plaid backing.  I hand appliqued and hand embroidered them.  I think they look like Schmoos.  They are $8 each.

This is a freshly made cookie bag.  OK -- you can use them for whatever!!  But they are 6x6" ..... lined to be washable.  They have a loop so you can tie a tag on them .... or hang them from the Christmas tree.  I <3 p="">this fabric!  I wish I had bought more!  But I have other patterns.  And they are $5 each.

100% Merino wool mitts ... $25/pair

I did a lot of knitting this week .... including some bath mitts, 2 hats, 2 sets of boot cuffs and 2 pairs of fingerless mitts.

Church lady apron and Wow, it is bright!!!  Perfect for the households that swear their home is a 3-ring circus! $45.00

I did get an apron done, a tea towel, 2 gift bags, tissue covers and three folding needlecases sewn.

I think this chicken tea towel is fun!  100% wool applique ... antique buttons .... cute black and gold towel ... $25.00

And in the meantime, I taught 3 classes.  This week it is five! 

Yea .... if you find me limp in the street.... give me caffeine intravenously, handle me a needle of any kind and point me in the right direction.

I've got 27 more days to get this stuff done!!

And hopefully, you will all come and see it.

I'll bake cookies if you say you will come!  :)


David Feeney said…
You know, my car has touch activated controls. I could use a pair of fingerless wool mitts!
colleen said…
Wow, you have been busy!! Wish I lived closer and could come to your sale. I love all of your handmade items.

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