A Selfie

The weather here in the Midwest was Won-der-ful this weekend!!

It was almost 50 degrees.  You could be comfortable in a sweatshirt.  It kind of smelled like spring.

(Well -- maybe that was because Honey cleaned the chicken coops!)

And then .......... December reared its ugly cold head!

Cold .... wind .... brrrrrrrrr!

And to top it off .......... it drizzled for two days.

Cold .... wind .... wet ...... brrrrrrrrrr!

It is cold today ..... but the sun has come out.

It is cold today ..... but the wind has died down.

It is cold today .... but I decided to hang laundry on the line.

And take a selfie.

I'm not much on taking selfies.  My hair is never neat.  Instead of my normal double chin, I suddenly have triple chins.  And my arms aren't long enough to stretch to get that camera in a spot that I look taller and thinner.

But I took one today.

And I think it turned out pretty cute!


Wow. I might be getting the hang of this selfie thing. 

My arms look really thin!


colleen said…
You look mighty fine to me :)

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