And to all ........ a good night!

When I was getting ready for the bazaar ....... I went to Facebook and asked what people would like to see for sale.

One of the comments was .... pillowcases.

Pillowcases?!?  Pillowcases are a beginning sewing project!!  You want to see pillowcases?!?

And to be truthful .... every pillowcase I have ever seen sewn was bright, colorful and had super heros on them.  Or Disney princesses.

Not my style.

Soooooooooo not my style!!!

Then ..... one of my friends made one with chickens on it.  Very cute!!!

So ....... I mulled that around in my head.

I checked prices.  Yikes!!!  $10??????  I can't sell pillowcases for $10 each when I buy high thread count beautiful designer quilting fabric!!!  And that doesn't count thread or lace or trims!!!

That did some mulling.

Maybe it was more like stewing.

I then decided that I deserved to sleep on beautiful pillowcases.  And so does everyone else. But they weren't going to be $10 each ........ they were going to be $45 a pair. 

Cuz life is too short to sew with less-than-beautiful fabric.

And I was hooked on a so-called quick and easy project!

NOT!!  OK -- maybe!!

They say done in 15 minutes!

Ha! I say!!

Ha! Ha!  I spend more than 15 minutes at the iron!!!!  (But everyone in my sewing classes know that!!)

The great thing about beautiful pillowcases .... they can brighten a bedroom in no time!

And in this day of white hotel-style sheets ....

a little color in the pillowcases makes a lot of difference in my mood on these gray winter days.

Although ... the bazaar is over and done, I have continued to sew pillowcases.  Some for the shop, some for me, and some for gifts.

And you know ..... when I sleep on these beautifully soft and silky 100% cotton fabrics ..... I feel just like a Disney princess.

Without the juvenile pillowcase!!!


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