Epic Fail!

You know those moments when you get something aaaalllllmmmmoooosssstttt done and then.............

you screw it up.


Yep ... it happened.

And it wasn't pretty.

I have made HUNDREDS of tea towels in the last few years.  Occasionally, there will be something that I am not particular happy with .... colors aren't exactly as I saw in my mind.  I could have chosen better stitches for the applications .....but they were still within my standards.

This one ....... NOT SO MUCH.

It is just before Thanksgiving and I am prepping for 30 some people for dinner. 

I decided to wash ALL the bed linen.

Several years ago .... I had dyed my burgundy bedspread bright red.  (You see where this is going, don't you?)

Now ... I had washed this two or three times a year with no ill effects.


So I laundered the bedspread .... tossed it in the dryer ..... and threw a newly embroidered tea towel in the next load in the washer to erase the pattern lines.

And I got this .............


a dingy pink tea towel!  And not a pretty pink at that!!!!  It looks better in the photo than in person.....and it looks bad in the photo!

But there was another consequence to my laundry experience.

I was scared to embroider another tea towel.

I felt like I couldn't ... because I would ruin it.

Now .... we all know that is just stupid!  Absolutely stupid!

I have embroidered hundreds of tea towels with success ... and one failure throws me for a loop?????????

The fear of failure is soooo powerful!

So I grabbed the needles and the floss and a towel ... and did this.

And this ..............

And there is another in the wash now .... and another in the hoop.

So what other very tiny, little failure has held me back????

That fear stuff is powerful!!!!


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