It's 2015???

When did that happen???  I still have trouble writing "20xx" on my checks!

Which also shows how very out of style I am.  No cell phone.  No tablet.  No auto pay.

And still, I will not be changing any of that in 20--whatever!!!

So it is resolution/ failure time.  That very moment that I tell the world EVERYTHING I am going to accomplish this year .......... and then let you document my failure.

So be it.  Que sera sera.  (Another nod to my ever increasing  age .... name the singer on that tune!!!)

First all .... I resolve to blog more.  I love blogging and I don't do it enough.  I come to blog ... and then I rapidly get sucked in to Pinterest, Facebook and everything else in the Twitter-sphere.  So that is a definite must do.  More blogging ... less posting, pinning and tweeting.

To that end .... I deleted a LOT of bookmarks and unsubscribed to lots of pages.  Less cyber-clutter to suck me in to the abyss.

Resolution numero dos ...... Accomplish little things.  Life at Miss Eff's is about making our simple life ... simpler and more comfortable and more "us."

One of the big areas toward simplicity is storage and organization.  I am trying to think of ways that will keep our home cleaner, more organized and drop-in-guest ready.

I would love to blame Honey .... but I have to admit, I am the guilty party.  Between knitting, spinning, embroidery, sewing, and now hopefully, quilting ...... there are explosions of supplies everywhere!

My goal .... finish what I start, ( I know!!!!  What a concept!!!) use what I have, and conscientiously think before I  make new purchases. I'll let you know how that works for me.  ;)

And finally ..... enjoy our life more.  To that end ..... there may be changes in the farm.

There will be grass paths through the garden as they will be easier and less expensive than mulch to maintain.

The corn-zebo is changing .... there will still be a table but it will be smaller.  I hope to make the  corn-zebo draw Honey and I into it in the evenings ... like it used to.  So a more comfortable, casual corn-zebo will be in the future.

 And then, there will be spaces and gardens that are ours and spaces and gardens that are public.  I hate the fact that I leave the gardens in the evening and hide in the house.  I think it is because they represent work-time.  I need places that represent home to me.  We have two acres .... we can carve out places that are ours and ours alone.

So ... three resolutions.

Blog more.
Accomplish little things.
Enjoy our life.

I think that is enough ..... don't you???

Happy New Year from Miss Eff, Honey, the girls, all the cats and Duck.


colleen said…
Happy New Year to you and yours! So happy to hear you are going to blog more. I have pretty much the same new years resolutions as you. I can relate to over taking the house with my knitting, sewing, card making and scrap booking. I'm going to be very conscious on what I "have" to buy. I don't want to get so many projects going that I can't see an end to getting them done. Even tho I enjoy my hobbies very much I sometimes get so hung up I forget to enjoy life. You are an inspiration to me in this area so I really do hope to see more blogging from you :)
Well hello there Doris! (What do I win?)Yes, we all need to smell those Daisies more and eat them less. I listed a bunch on NON-resolutions on my blog yesterday for much the same reason you have simplified yours. Then I spent two full days going through 40 years (!!) of photos in boxes. Gave a bunch to me grown kids. Now its their junk to deal with . Hee Hee Hee. HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIEND.
Deborah Niemann said…
I see Donna beat me to it on Doris Day! I think all of your resolutions are wonderful and should not be reserved for contemplation only once a year. Love the idea of blogging more!
Dan Mays said…
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Dan Mays said…
I hope you realize just how wonderful it is NOT to be tethered to a damn cell phone. I never have bothered to get one either. (And my life just keeps rolling merrily along.)

Yes, yes, yes . . . I have heard all of the dire "reasons" why you MUST own one --- all a bunch of hog-hooey. I get so much more done during the day than those around me simply because I am not constantly answering all of those "important calls" which amount to absolutely nothing.

It was once explained to me this way: Owning a cell phone is like turning yourself into a public toilet -- anybody can use you any time they want to.

Lets see: Pull a weed -- Hello (blah, blah, blah) -- Pull another weed -- Hello (blah, blah, blah) -- Knit two stitches -- Hello (blah, blah, blah) -- Knit two more stitches -- Hello (blah, blah, blah)

Sorry . . . I have too many things to get done.

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