Middle Age Problems

It is January at Miss Eff's.

And like all previous January's, some gadget that is suppose to heat something up has died.

In the last couple of weeks .... we have bought a new coffee pot because the timer would suddenly stop working ... it would suddenly re-set itself to 12 am and the coffee would be cold.  Or half done. Or not done.

We bought a new iron because the steam button would work, not work, work, not work, work, not work.

And we bought a new electric mattress pad.

And there is the source of today's problems!

Now ... these are first world problems.  These are 21st century problems.  These are the problems of a spoiled American that has a good roof over her head, a soft and comfy bed and a stack of blankets a mile high.

But the upstairs in my strong substantial house ... has no heat in it.

So we have bought electric mattress pads to heat the bed up so we wouldn't have to crawl into a cold bed.

Yea ..... first world problems.

This time, instead of an electric mattress pad ... we bought an electric bedwarmer.

Super plush and soft.  Really nice cover that securely holds it in place on the mattress. And such fine wires that you can't feel them at all.

But it is a low voltage item and it doesn't warm the bed before you get under the covers.

Your body weight suddenly kicks it and it slowly warms you.  Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Last night, we tucked were securely in bed.  The bedwarmer was set on 3.

The night before, it was set on 2 --- much too cold for Honey.  And 4 is much too hot for me.

We try to compromise on the setting.  Very few electric heating devices, whether a blanket or mattress pad, come with dual controls for a full sized bed  any more.  They used to.  Now they don't.  We like our antique full size bed.  We don't need anything bigger.  So we try to compromise on the setting.

Until 3 am.



A tropical heat wave rushed in!!!!  

OMG!!!  It is a 120 degrees!!!  And I am certain the smoke detector will go off any second!!! 

I throw off 2 blankets!!  I kick off my socks!!!

And I stick my feet out of the blankets to cool down!

Call the fire department!  Someone, hose me down!!  This bed is much tooooo hot!

Wait ............

Wait a second ...........

No ... it's not too hot.

Now, I'm cold.

Honey .... give me back my blankets!!!!!

He is going to be really happy when spring comes and we can turn off the bedwarmer.

First world problems of a middle aged woman.

Not fun .... not fun at all.


colleen said…
I can relate. "Middle Age Problems" have a mind of their own..need I say more!?! I'm sorry but even tho I have the same problems you gave me quite the chuckle!
Michelle said…
I hear you, Sister! Although I do have it better with a queen-sized bed (my husband is 6'5", so rather a necessity) and dual controls. He turns his side on, I leave mine off AND open the window right above my head....
Dante Storey said…
I was getting that warm and cozy feeling inside until you mentioned 3am. That is exactly what happens in our house. The room gets so hot that I kick off everything, then seconds later I am freezing and scrambling to find the blankets in the dark that are now resting on the floor in a huge pile where I kicked them.

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