The Downside of DIY

A couple of weeks ago ... someone asked me about my kitchen remodel.


Can I cry????

I am in the midst of dreaming about pretty and having to deal with the practical.

A Wants vs. Needs War is going on in my head!

What I want ............

photo from American Standard

What I need ......... a kitchen faucet that doesn't freeze when we get a bitterly cold south wind.

What I want ..........

What I need is a 200 amp service so my house doesn't burn down when I am plugging in all these appliances!!!

It is soooo easy for me to dream of a beautiful shiny new kitchen in the heat of the summer.  But when the harshness of winter slaps me across the face, reality has to come into play.

Yea .... it is all about the priorities.

First ..... a new kitchen window has to be installed.  Custom-made, solid wood (no vinyl or aluminum trim) -- the window is finally completed (after 4 months!)  and sitting in the living room ... waiting for warm weather for installation. 

Kind of like me. ;)

There is a lot of good news/ bad news with this window.  Because it is a smaller window ... I will gain more wall space for cabinets.  Because it is a smaller window, a new window frame has to be built and plaster work that has to be done before new cabinets go up.

Second .... a new/old door.  We found a double tombstone door at ReStore.  It was a bargain at $22.00.  Solid wood ... beautiful.  It matches the living room door and the door into the Summer Kitchen.  And it is the same height as the other doors in the kitchen, the living room door and matches the height of the windows.  Unfortunately, it doesn't match the height of the current door!  So a new door frame has to be built, adjustments to the new storm door have to be made ..... and again, more plaster work.

And third, work on the exterior has to continue.  If I can get the house sealed up .... we will use less propane, save money and prevent pipes from freezing.  More new siding, tar paper and custom storm windows need to come before cabinets and tin ceilings.

There!!  It is in writing.

Those things have to come first.

But they take three things ..... time, money and warmer weather. 

sigh ......

But I really want this!!!

Maybe if I keep repeating ..........

Window.  Door.  Siding. 
Window.  Door.  Siding.
Window.  Door.  Siding.

sigh .....


colleen said…
Seems as tho we have to get done what we NEED done before the I wants!! We have our bathroom tore apart..need I say more?!?! We will hang in there and work away at it a little at a time. As always you are an inspiration to me. Keep the posts coming!!

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