The Emotional Rubber Room

Seriously, I feel like I am living in a bounce house.

Most of the time I am gloriously happy.

But occasionally, that dark cloud of fear and dread and anxiety peaks its ugly head out of the blue.

What am I talking about????

In a few days, Honey turns 65.  And in one year, he hopes to retire.


Honey will be home most of time!!!  We can sleep past 5 ........ stay up late (like maybe ......10!!!) ...... lounge around the house eating bon-bons.

And I have to say ..... I am seriously excited about it!!!

No shirts to iron.  No lunches to pack.  No waiting until 5 to meet our friends, or run errands, or even ........ eat supper.  (Early bird specials ... here we come!!)

The to-do list will be shorter.  The Honey-do list will be shorter.

And the disposable income will be ........... well, shorter.

And there is that big ugly dark cloud.

Talk to me, people.

Do you live in fear of the future?

And how do I just embrace it say ...... Let's do this!!! with all the joy and excitement that I want for Honey?

I do know one thing.

The gardens at Miss Eff's are going to rock!!!


Michelle said…
Focus on the One who loves you supremely, Who IS love. "Perfect love casts out fear...." It's easy to say, harder to do, but can be practiced every day.
colleen said…
You can manage..You have a year to get your ducks in a row. I have faith that you can do this just by the post that I have read of yours. It is scary but it is doable!! Concentrate on those beautiful gardens then I bet you'd wish you didn't have to wait a year. I was forced out of work because of health reasons and let me tell you it was scary in the beginning but we have managed.

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