Getting Organized.

You know those moments.

You are suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that surrounds you.

Every where you look ....... there are piles of stuff!

Stuff here.

Stuff there.

Stuff everywhere!!

So much stuff you feel like an avalanche is coming.

And you will be buried by all that stuff!

It is time to get your stuff organized!!!

You know ...... a place for everything and everything in its place.


I think the best place for all of this stuff is Miami.



colleen said…
I hate when I get feeling "stuffed" down. I learned that saying from my father many years ago. A place for everything and everything in its place. I tell my husband that ALL the time but I don't thing he understands what I'm saying,lol. I have been getting rid of stuff to Salvation army. I have a lot of stuff to do with all my hobbies so I don't need more to go with I'm weeding out other things.
Ginny said…
Any place that is warm, would suit all of our stuff, lol

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