All the Baby Boomers are over 50 now.

I am certain we had the most diverse life experiences of any generation.  Why .... we went from party lines and asking Phoebe at the switchboard to connect us to talking to a watch that will make a phone call for us.

Kind of like our Dick Tracy decoder watch that came in Trix cereal.

Our lives were shaped by Civil Defense warnings, 3 major assassinations, fast cars and fantastic music.

And in the midst of a war that we were protesting, civil rights we were defending and ceiling we women were trying to break ............ a little tiny magazine was published.

Mother Earth News.

It appealed to the "back to the land" movement.  It appealed to hippies.

It appealed to the internal hippie in me that couldn't break out of my Diane Von Furstenberg dress and Connie high heels!

But it taught me about solar energy ..... making yogurt ..... grinding my own baby food  .... and of course,  water conservation!

When its yellow, let it mellow.  When its brown, flush it down.

Yep --- Mother Earth News inspired us to fight for a life without the Cuyahoga River, Love Canal, and Three Mile Island.

The world might have been a whole different place without Mother Earth News and the other magazines it inspired.

So we were honored, delighted and thrilled when we got a letter from Mother Earth News and Home Depot about a website article.

Yep .... there is it!
Number 14!

Honey's fire pit!!!

Reuse.  Reduce.  Recycle.

And now .... I'm going to turn on my Woodstock CD and listen to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Country Joe and the Fish.

I told you we had fantastic music!!!!!


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