Fashion Week in Donahue ...

I was standing at the kitchen sink last week, talking to my friend Dawn.

We were discussing world events, the birds outside the window and just general chit-chat.

Suddenly, she starts complaining.

"I have nothing to wear", she says. " I am tired of this label."

Yea ..... and what do you want me to do about it????

Well ...... Last week when I was at the grocery store, I was talking to my friend Joy.  She had been talking to Ivory .... you know, that old gal.

Yes .... Ivory has been around for a while.  She is 99.6% pure, right??

You won't think that if you heard the stories that I have heard!

So that's what you want to dish about?  Ivory's reputation???

NO!  Ivory told Joy that she used to wear dresses when she was in the kitchen. 

They did.  It was typical.  Toasters, mixers, dishsoap even extra toilet paper  .. everything was covered up!   No uncovered appliances.  No uncovered household items.  Even skirts for brooms! It just wasn't proper!

I used to wear dresses, too.

But I got over it and so can you.

I want dresses!  And you can't stop me!!  

Don't be silly.  Dresses are not needed for your job here on the farm.

If you don't get me a dress,  I will let that burnt on greasy film stick to your fancy-dancy casserole dish.

You wouldn't!!!  Not my Le Crueset!!!

I can and I will!  I want a new dress!

So ... what was I to do??  I had to take Dawn dress shopping.

Fortunately .... it was Fashion Week in Donahue.

The venue was quaint and a bit chilly.  But all of Donahue's fashion elite were there.

Maybe the room was more crowded than I thought .... cuz she is sure straining her neck to see the latest styles!!!

We looked at several .........

I thought this one with the apron was nice.

Dawn said .... That looks like something you would wear!!

This little number was cute ....

And they also had it in green!

I also liked the red and white one.

But as Dawn said .... I would.  ;)

In the end ... it came down to two.

This yellow sun dress with the scalloped hem.

Or this blue one with the white sash.

Which came home with Dawn.

Cuz after all did match her eyes!


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