Finding my style ...........

I have known what my style is for a long time.

Occasionally, I have trouble sticking to it.

I sometimes have a chair ..... a sofa ..... a table that ........... doesn't sing to me.  Maybe it was a gift .... maybe I bought it in another lifetime.  But it doesn't ... fit.

As Oprah says .... your house should rise up to greet you.  

I have had a dilemma for a while.

My 1972 Early American maple cedar chest didn't make me happy.

I disliked the brass bat wing handles.  A corner was chipped from too many moves.

And the finish on the top had chipped away from sun exposure.

It didn't fit my house .... it didn't fit my personality and it sure didn't rise up to greet me!

Now ... the dilemma comes in.

It was a gift from my parents.

And here comes the psychosis!!! Why ... after owning this for 43 years ..... does the thought of painting it cause such feelings of guilt????  After all ......... it. is. wood.

I put on my big girl panties and decided to take the paint brush to it!

I used Miss Mustard Seed milk paint and although it is not done ............


I have another coat of Antique Wax to put on it.  And I ordered glass knobs and handles for it.

It is chippy..... yet looks much less chippy in person than it does in the photo.

The color is Luckett's Green ..... soft, pretty and so me.

More photos and details to follow. 

I loved using the milk paint with the hemp oil and the wax finish.  Clean up was simple.  The color is rich with a lot of depth.  One hint, though ..... you can not stir milk paint enough!!!

I will be doing more very soon so stay tuned to see what else changes color.

Oh! Oh! Oh! And it works outside on metal!!

Just warning ..... a painting monster may have been born!!!


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