Pin it!!!

Hey!!!  I'm not talking about Pinterest ..... even though that is a total addiction for me.

I laughed the other day when a young guy asked me if I knew about Pinterest.

Uhhhhh ....... yea.  It the Honey-do list with pictures.

No --- this is about one of my passions ... my happy places..... a job I love.

This is about my clothesline.

I love my clothesline.  I use it every time I can.

I love the exercise of hanging clothes out.

I love the fresh smell that last far longer than artificially scented fabric softener.

I love seeing my clothes flutter in the breeze.

AND I love the lower utility bills!  More money for another passion.


And this is where the two intertwine.

Clothespin bags!!  Or as they would say in the UK .... peg bags!!!  A term I love!!!

The green fabric is from one of my favorite designers ... Lori Holt.  Her prints makes me smile.

This one is a 1930's reproduction fabric .............  it is sweet.


A paisley print always catches my eye.  And I loved pairing it with the check.  Coral and aqua!  

Oh ..... I sooo heart that!!

I have to confess.  I love this fabric also.  But I have to tell you ---- I rarely buy a piece of fabric unless it sings to me!!!    It is hard to sew with something that I don't love!

The bags are lined ... so they are very study.  The corners are reinforced and they hang on wood hangers with a swivel hook.

There are nine in the Summer Kitchen at the moment.  There will be more very soon.

But there won't be this one!!!

This one is MINE!!!  

Another Lori Holt fabric from the Vintage Happy collection.  Isn't it adorable???


My longtime friends will definitely remember the Warners bra and girdle ad that hung in my bathroom at the Spalding.

I HAD to make this one for myself!!! 

Had. To.  

No doubt!

So if you are tired of keeping your pegs in a cut down bleach bottle ... (there is that age thing again ... creeping in every conversation!!!)  

Yea ... don't tell me you don't remember green bleach bottles with crocheted tops to put your clothespins in!

You don't?????

Well .... if you want to dress up your clothesline and make it pretty this spring .... pop out to the Summer Kitchen.

Ya might have to hurry before they shuffle me off to the home.



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