This ain't chicken feed....

No.  It's the cloth sacks that feed was sold in .... between the 1930's and the 1960's.

Many years ago .... before my starter marriage .... I was given a stack of feed sacks to make tea towels for myself.  Every young bride needed good quality tea towels .... and the terrycloth towels that were so popular then ... were not good quality.

A good tea towel ... is soft, 100% cotton and leaves no lint when drying crystal or silver.

I LOVED those tea towels.

I would push every other tea towel aside to use those wonderful, soft, colorful tea towels.

They were awesome!

But they wore out ..... I continued to use every scrap to dust, to scrub, to clean.

On Saturday ... I came across a stash of brightly printed feed sacks.  And I quickly snatched some up to make tea towels for the Summer Kitchen.

I've ripped the seams open .... pulled threads .... straightened the edges .... and trimmed with rickrack and buttonhole stitch.  Some may get some cotton lace trim.  They all have hanging loops so they will dry.

There are age stains ... and small holes.

But I have age stains and small holes .... and I am about the same age as these sacks.  And no one is tossing me out yet!!!

They are part of the joy of these fabulous fabrics.

I hope you love them as much as I do.  Cuz you will be seeing a lot of them!  EVERY scrap of fabric will eventually find its way to the Summer Kitchen.  It may trim out an apron .... or be made into a tissue cozy ... or be turned into a pin cushion.

Yea ..... it ain't chicken feed.  But who would have thought that this practical feed sack would become so very prized,  50 years after it was made.

I only hope to be that lucky!


Age stains and small holes...ME TOO! And like you my hubbie refuses to throw me out. He does reserve me for some of the dirtier farm jobs though I will admit. Miss you friend, one day we'll get up to your place again. yes we will.

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