Five Advil Days ............

These are the days ...........

The days that make every bone in my body ache. 

The days that my hands are permanently shaped to handle my dibber.  And my jeans are caked with soft tilled dark Iowa soil.

The wind and sun burn my cheeks.

And the layers of clothing that go on ... come off and in the cool breeze, go back on again.

These are days of spring.

The plug orders have been coming in slowly.  Last week, I rushed the order immediately into the Summer Kitchen so it wouldn't succumb to deep freezing temperatures at the end of the week. 

So yesterday ... I started planting dianthus and snapdragons.  I keep looking at orders I forgetting something???

Sleep comes in fits this time of year.  Is it too cold tonight??  Did I get enough water on the plants??

I awake ..... worry and then, totally exhausted ..... I try to go back to sleep.

The lists keep forming.  Plant the sweet peas, clean the front bed, think of container combinations, clean the corn-zebo.

It will get done in its own time.

I know that.  For fourteen seasons, I have  known that.

Yet .... I am never sure if I can do it all.

These are the days..................


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