Inspiration .... and perspiration.

I love when I am inspired to create something from a vintage item!

Love it!  Love it!  Love it!

And then ............ I sweat all the details.

OK .... and agonize.

And doubt myself.

And then ..... I go through the same process, again and again.

The other day, my friend Gloria sent me a box with vintage linens, some tiny sweet snaps and two adorable vintage children's aprons.  Ahhhh ..... she know me so well.

Children's aprons are really quite rare in the vintage market.  They were worn hard .....often to shreds ..... so you rarely see them.  These are in remarkably great condition and will be a great addition to my collection and the talks I occasionally give on the history of aprons.

But they also make great patterns!

So this is the front of apron number one.

The back crosses over.

And now --- as you see --- I need a 2-1/2 year old little girl to model because the hanger does not do this apron justice!!!

And here is my copy ..... the front.

And the back. 

Instead of snaps .... I used buttons and made buttonholes. 

And of course, you have to see a close up of this adorable fabric.   (From my stash even!!!)

I know!!!!  It is toooooo cute!!!!  From one of my favorite designers, American Jane.

The blue bias tape makes me happy.  I struggled between orange and red and settled on blue!  I old-schooled the bias tape because try as I might, I can't get my new binder foot to go around convex curves nicely. 

I think a lesson might be in order because I couldn't find a tutorial on it on You Tube!  And we all know we can find EVERYTHING on You Tube!

A huge thank you to Gloria ..... I love the original apron but I love the fact that now I can share it with others.  Just like you shared the original with me.



Ginny said…
The aprons are great, yours and the vintage!

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