Things that go peep in the morning.....

This is Kelly ..... she is the new postmaster in Donahue.  And she was the one that gave me my early morning wake up call of .... peep, peep, peep.

When you order your chicks by mail .... a good postmaster can make the difference between healthy chicks and not-so-alive chicks.  I am always grateful for those 6:30 am phone calls.

Our 25 chicks arrived yesterday ..... happy but hungry from their 2-day long, 3-state  travels.  That truly makes these chicks far more worldly than I!!!!  I barely get into Donahue!!!!

Chick day is kind of like Christmas for me.  I remember going to the feed store with my dad and looking at the chicks that arrived by mail.  They were such little balls of fluff ..... I always begged to take them home!

But little balls of fluff ... stay little balls of fluff for only a few days.  And hiding a pullet under the bed never seemed like an idea that would work ........ even for a 5 year-old.

Some the chicks had a bit of a field trip last night as I taught "Chickens in the Backyard" at Scott Community College.  They were really ready to join their friends as we were bringing them home.  It was quite the peep fest!

We have four breeds of chicks that I have never raised before.

We have New Hampshire reds, Black Laced Red Wyandottes, Columbian Wyandottes and Golden Laced Cochins.

I am excited to have the cochins...... they are such calm, docile, mothering birds.

photo courtesy of Cackle Hatchery

Maybe they do stay little balls of fluff ..............................
But I won't be hiding any of them under my bed!!!!



colleen said…
I love chick day. We have a wonderful postmaster and we always get that early morning call that they have arrived.
Deborah Niemann said…
My parents left the farm and moved to town when I was three years old. Then one day when I was not more than six or seven, my father took me with him to the feed store to buy parakeet feed. It was spring, and I begged him to buy chicks! I remember they were 10 cents apiece, so he bought 10 for $1. My mama wasn't too happy, and my trips to the feed store with my daddy were pretty limited after that!

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