Would you?? Wouldn't you??

I love searching for new/different sewing patterns.

The other day ... I came across this 1940's vintage apron pattern  that Simplicity reproduced.

I L-O-V-E-D it.


Particularly view C.

OK -- really view A.  But the fabric for that one hasn't arrived yet!

Super cute, right?????

Back to my dilemma.

I know.  It is always about me.

I want to make view C ..... which is designed for a border print fabric.

Now border print fabrics aren't common in the industry.  Oh -- you find a few now and then.

And sometimes ...... they end up in your stash.  Just hanging around .... waiting for the perfect project.

Like this one............

This is American Jane design by Sandy Klopp.

This is such a sweet vintage design.  Reminds me of Dick and Jane and Sally and Puff and Spot!!!

Look!  It has five little plants!  And six little garden hats!

And how could you not love a fabric with 9 little birds????

To shake it up a bit ............ I want to use this coordinating print for the waistband, shoulder straps and waist ties.

It sort of looks like jacks and balls.

OK -- so now is the big question.

Would you wear it?????

Or would you say ..... no?????


colleen said…
I sure would wear!! Especially love the birds.
thanks for sharing your information.
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