A cold and rainy update...........

I am soooo excited!

Tomorrow or Friday, we get a new roof on this!

Charcoal gray textured standing seam metal roof with new fascia and matching gray gutters. 

Did you know that gutters can be made in almost any color???

It's why I have red gutters on the house. 

They will look awesome when all the pieces of the puzzle get put together.  Until then .............well, you know. 

Back to the barn ........

The new roof is essential.

First .... it is leaking.  And that is never a good thing for any building.  Thirty years ago, Honey tore down a post and beam constructed barn, hauled the pieces home and reconfigured it here.  It is built of 100+  year old timbers ..... nice sturdy beams and supports ....wood that we will never see again.  And for then reason alone ... it is our obligation to save it for the future.

Theoretically,  it is a 3-1/2 car garage.

That holds one car, two garden tractors, a new tiller, an old tiller, a snowblower, a snow blade, a push mower, a small tiller, an edger, various weed eaters and 15 billion plastic jugs for you to use to take flowers home.  And almost that many "future" projects.

And past projects. 

And projects that will never ever happen in anyone's lifetime ...... let alone mine.

Yes, Houston ......... we do have a problem.

Secondly ... my office/library/sewing room is exploding. 

Like .... one wrong step .... and you could be covered in 100% merino wool felt.  Or 1980's vintage sewing patterns. 

Or future projects.

And past projects.

Oh --- we have been over that already!!! 


So .......... another future project ........ after the siding on the house, the laundry room and the kitchen!!!! ........ is to convert one bays of the barn to a giant sewing/knitting/embroidery/quilting/spinning area for me.

And then Honey might be able to re-claim the kitchen table!!!!

But first the barn needs a new roof.

Until that future project comes up on the to-do list ....... I will just be happy to have another piece of the puzzle called our life at Miss Eff's in place.

Pictures will follow ........... as soon as I get the bed behind the barn cleaned up, mulched and planted.

Really????  I'm showing you a picture of our weeds and scrub trees???

I must say ..... Miss Eff is no Martha Stewart!!!


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