A different kind of flower farm

This has always been one of my favorite photos.  The garden was filled with moms and kids ... cutting and having a wonderful time.

Most of the time, when it is like this .... I am too busy to take a photo.  But this time, I had some wonderful help ... and I got it done.

It is May 12th ... and there is a wind chill of 38 degrees.  And my garden looks nothing like this.

Except in my mind.

The mulch hasn't been spread.  The garden paths are full of grass ....  I sigh and grabbed the weeder and work (AGAIN) on getting those long roots out!  And there is still planting to do.

Lots of planting to do.

And thinking to do.

I work my garden ... like a retail store.  What is popular?  What needs to be up front??  Will you walk to the back of the garden to pick that flower?

My favorite ... lisianthus.

I write a planogram. (Yea!  There is a Retail 101 flashback!!!) 

What color is this flower??  Does it look good with that flower next to it??  Is it too tall?  When does it start to bloom??  Will it draw you in??

Zinnias .... aren't they everyone's favorite??

And then ..... there is the flower selection itself.  What is its vase life??  How does it play with others in the garden?  Does it wilt instantly?  Does it take special care when cutting?

I have an expectation of my flowers. 

They should last in your vase at your home for 7-10 days.  Actually .... you should have some of the flowers at the end of two weeks.  Yes ... not all of them will be perky.  Many may have started their journey to compost.  BUT you should have a small bouquet left.

Larkspur ... delicate, curvy, beautiful ... one of the early bloomers.

And that is why I research and plan what flowers will go in the garden --- and I carefully watch and remember each flower.   Some may not do well the first year ... but they will be given a second chance.
I may make a mistake and in the excitement and heat of the order process ........... I buy an absolute loser!!!!  

(And you thought the NFL draft was exciting!!  You should hear my friend and order specialist  Rhonda and I go over my flower orders!!  Well -- in between talking about little towns in Mercer County and tomato recipes!)

There are lots of gorgeous, wonderful flowers out there but if they don't make my 7-10 day rule ..... they don't make it in my garden for cutting.  They may be tossed throughout the little beds for my enjoyment but they are not picked for the main cutting garden.

Like poppies! I love poppies but their delicate petals just don't last long enough to make it in the cutting bed. 

But these ................

These wonderful lilies will always make the cut.



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