Bargains and Blooms

Jonathon Apple Tree

Happy May Day, everyone!!!

For a flower farmer .... there is no better day.  The start of a beautiful growing season .... a celebration of sharing beautiful blooms.  It is our own personal holiday.

You know .... unions started Labor Day.  Veterans have Veterans Day.  There is Mother's Day and Father's Day and Valentine's Day for lovers.

Our Honeycrisp apple tree should yield a large crop this year.

Well ... May Day should be for flower farmers.  We will tie ribbons to a transplanting spade and dance around spreading organic fertilizer!

Enough with spreading the organic fertilizer!  ;) 

Our Forest Pansy redbud is just beginning to bloom.  I love this tree!

Honey and I have been hitting the flea markets recently, looking for what most people would call ........ junk.

Yep .... Your garbage is my garden ornament!

Or it is your proof that I do need a Hoarders intervention.  :(

This was ........... well, who knows what it was!!  We don't.  But it will become a roof on something.  Just wait .... it will be awesome!

Cuz that is what Honey does ........... awesome!

I am always screaming for more height in the gardens.  This isn't very tall but will still help the eye move upward.

These will become giant spinning flowers in the back of yard.  Super tall ... so little fingers won't reach them.
Including mine!!!

We've also bought some new benches that will help fill our personal space. One needs fresh paint and new wood.  Another is perfect ... with wonderful pillows but the fabric is not my style so the sewing machine will get a work out on those.

Ahhhhh ............ I love how it makes the cups coordinate with the blooms!

And finally .... guess what is blooming???

Yep .... it did it again!!!  Magically!  Every year!!

Is your tea cup tree in bloom??


Barb said…
Thank you for the tour. Hasn't the weather been wonderful lately??? One more busy day for me outdoors today, then I think I had better take a day off to rest my old bones. Being in love with flowers, trees, gardening, etc is hard work, huh?

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