My crystal ball is in the repair shop ......

THAT seems to be the problem of the day!!!  Actually -- it is a problem I have every year. 

I am a lousy predictor of future events.

There .... I said it.

But I can not predict what I am going to have blooming when.

Oh .... I am really good in August!!  I will have zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, glads, cockscomb and gomphrena blooming in August.

But will I have pink and purple flowers (and the right shade of purple!) blooming the 7th of June??????

I don't know!!!!!

I don't.  I don't mean to shout but I really don't know.

And this year has been a struggle even for best guess scenario.

We have had fabulous weather... 70's and even 80 degree days.  And less than 10 days ago .... we almost had frost.

And one 70 degree day does not make up for a 40 degree night.

I plant early.  I fertilize.  I try to stay ahead of the weeds.  And every year has kind of been the same.

I have fabulous flowers on June 15th.  And June 15th comes later than June 5th.

Just sayin'.

But here are some good news photos to make me feel better.  I still can't answer your questions but this is what I see. 

Bud production on many of the lilies look fantastic.  I am predicting that we will see lilies in bloom by June 10th or so.

This is "Summer Berries" yarrow.  It's not in bloom yet but is beginning to show color on the buds.  We will see some of these in bloom next week.  Yarrow is one of my favorite filler flowers in the spring.  And the pink, magenta, coral, white, burgundy, and yellow blooms blend with so many of our early flowers.

This is a Pacific Giant delphinium.  It is ready to cut.  But our survival rate from last year was poor and the new ones I planted are not showing stem production yet.  We had great survival rate on the Butterfly series (shorter) delphiniums but I see no stems as of yet.

Also in the delphinium family is larkspur.

This is the first stem in the garden.  It is still less than 12" tall so it has a ways to go.  Today's warm temperature of 80 degrees will help send up more stems and buds.

Snapdragons are still growing nicely and are running about 5" tall.  Dianthus is filling out.  And nicotiana and ageratum are settling in well .... and seem to be happily growing in their new homes.

But in happy happy news...........

This is cafe au lait dahlia.  I ordered and received 24 viable tubers.  I directly planted this in the ground around May 8 or 9th ...... and as of now, 20 have emerged and have great leaf growth.

Which makes me very very happy.

Cuz they will look like this when they bloom.

In August.  I predict they will bloom in August!

I'll get that one right!!


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