Socially awkward ....

Ya know ..... I am just awkward.  And to tell ya, I don't know what to do about it.

You know .... that social media thing.

I try.  And I try.  And I don't know what to do.

If you are at any business conference or marketing meeting .... they talk social media and working it. 

And I attempt to do what they tell me to do..

I tweet and facebook and MeWe and I've been linked in for ages.  I have tried Google + but I still don't get all those circle things.  I am totally pinteresting and I know I am on other sites that I can't remember! Then, I blog ..... and I blog .... and I blog. 

I write lists and I ask questions.  I post pictures and I try to be cute and clever and knowledgeable.

And still ..... I am inept.

I am sooooooo not getting it.

I mean .... what are the right keywords and tags and SEO's???   And statistics and numbers and advertising???

All I want to do is talk about pretty flowers, canned tomatoes and a new pair of hand-knitted socks.

I have been blogging for almost 7 years now.  Most of the blogs I followed are long gone.  Facebook is easier ... quicker .... but even that, seems to be fading a bit.

But I like blogging .... I like putting my words down on "paper" ...........even if they make some of my grammar teachers toss and turn in their graves!

So what do I do???  Where do I go???

Am I talking in a world that I no longer belong??  How do I tell you about my pretty flowers???  And what would Debbie and Mona read first thing in the morning????  (That's a shout out to my friends!!!! I love you guys!!!)

Where do I fit???  Is it worth writing on???  Are you reading and are you wanting more?  And how can I make it better?

I know I will never make a living off the blog .... I will never be a "life-style blogger" ..... and no company is going to say, "Hey ... let me sponsor you" or send me reproduction hardware for my new door or paint for my house.

And it is painfully obvious .... this is no fashion blog!!!!

I have to admit, it would be really nice if a appliance company and detergent company would promise to take care of this!!!


Sherry said…
I don't get it all either. They changed the format to upload a picture on my blog so I showed them... I took almost a year to figure out how to post a picture.
Michelle said…
I read your blog and love it, and love to blog as well. But even though I love to blog and do it for ME, it still gets discouraging to get so few comments for the number of views my stats say I get. I guess I'm not writing or photographing anything that inspires commentary! It does make me try to remember to leave a comment on nearly every blog I visit, which is quite a few....
Carol said…
I love your blog! I love it because I know where you are and what you are doing. I've read some other blogs and I have to say that when I want a recipe, please give me the recipe not 10 huge pictures of the process - I just want the ingredients and the instruction! Nobody writes a fashion blog for those of us over 50 and who can wear the other things, obviously those under 50. I'm having my tea right now and imagining myself on your sweet yard and I can hear you laugh. You make me SMILE! Thanks, Miss Effie!
Lisa said…
Don't even think about quitting your facebook. I love it. You make me laugh and I envy your life style. You are the country gal that every city girl dreams they could be. You do it all and I love reading your "snarky" little comments. Keep it up. I will try to comment more often.
colleen said…
I really really enjoy your blog...DON'T ever quit!!! I only have a very two :) that I actually make it a point to visit. I seem to have a lot in common with you...renovating what we can when we can ( doing the bathroom now), flowers, knitting, sewing, vegetable garden, canning..... I sure couldn't write a blog but I like reading the ones that remind me of me. Keep up the good work!!!

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