Happiness is the number 8

Yep!  I am counting! 

Well, we are counting. 

Yes ..... Honey has kind of ... sort of ... maybe ... made the decision to retire next spring.

No more engineering meetings ... no more fixing manufacturing snaffoos .... no more trying to make things other people made fit!

Yep .... he's going to make his own stuff ..... fit!

And I get Prozac-in-a-Hug.

Cuz it is this very time of year .... that the annual Floral Meltdown occurs.

For roughly 15 minutes .... every year ..... I crash and burn and throw things across the garden!

It happened on Saturday.

I was looking around the garden and .............. burst into tears!

The weeds are knee high.

The flowers are green.

There is so much mud, I sink up to my ankles.

People are calling to pick flowers and then accuse me of sabotaging my own garden because they want flowers NOW!    And why don't you have flowers???

And I swear that I am never ever ever going to plant flowers again ... cuz the vision in my head is not the vision I am seeing!  And no one will drive down this gravel road again ....wanting flowers.

Then .... the incredibly sensible part of this marriage ... drops what he what is doing, gives me a hug, kisses me on top of my head, asks me what can he do and immediately starts to make my life better.

As he talks me down off the roof of the pink porta-potty.

You don't think I am going to climb up on that swoooopy roof, do you?????

And that is why .... I am counting the months until Honey retires.

I am sure he just can't wait!  (Wink! Wink!)


Michelle said…
Oh my, I can't even CONCEIVE of the honey-do list that will be facing him then!!! ;-)
Miss Effie said…
Oh Michelle ... so true! He says ... its the To-Do Novel.

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