My Morning Walk-About

I walk around the property every morning .... coffee cup in hand.

I try .... to see.  Not merely look.  But to see what is happening on this little plot of land that we call our own.

And that is hard for me.

Cuz I want to write a list about all the stuff that has to be done!  And unfortunately, that is what I do ..... I write the list. 

The Great American To-Do Novel.

What I need to be writing is the joy list.  Things that are done ... things that surprise me.... things that just make me happy!

So today, you get the pictorial guide to what has made me smile today.

Our one David Austin rose (Golden Celebration) is loaded with buds.  I gave up roses several years ago with the influx of Japanese beetles but I am going to give them another try.  They remind me of my grandmother and her refrigerator that was stuffed with little jars and vases full of roses.  And she would pull out another jar or vase every day and put another one full of buds and blooms into its place.

The ducks are out buggin' now.  All of my plants have gotten large enough that they will be just fine. 

But the chickens are quite jealous of the free-ranging ducks.  There was a lot of dissension in the coop this morning. ;)

Just like kids .....  Why do they get out of the run and we don't?


 The robins and I are slowly making up.  Every spring we have a running battle on whether I can plant plugs as fast as they can pull them out.  And every morning, I have to try to see what is laying on the ground, drying up and dieing.

But he looked so pretty and fat just sitting on the tip of the gnarly old hedge post.

The rows of flowers are growing tall and strong and fairly weed free!  

OK -- don't look over there!!!!

And finally, a customer just proved how beautiful a bouquet of yarrow can be!

It's a good day.

NOW ... it is time to get on that to-do list!!!


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