The blooms on the farm are slowly coming along.

Today ... I thought I would show you a few things that are open and happy and waiting to end up in your bucket.

They are the flowers that open my season every year.  The lilies.

They are scattered throughout the farm ... this row is loaded with buds.

This week .... we will have lots of orange, red and yellow.  In the future, the colors range from coral to pink to white.

The Shasta and Becky daisies are beginning to bloom.  I have been steadily adding more and more plants every year.  Their long bloom time and their sturdy stems are great for your bouquet. 

And really .... what is more pure and perfect than a daisy?

This is Perfume Mix Nicotiana ....or flowering tobacco.  Still a little short but it is beginning to get some height.  Lots of different colors so I am excited about this one.  It is suppose to be a good cut ...... we will see.  It does smell great ... particularly in the evening.

The snapdragons are budding nicely but not yet in bloom.

This is Trumpet Tangerine.  I have never grown this variety before so I am anxious for it to bloom.
It doesn't look like it will be long.

There are other things in bloom .... Ageratum, Black-eyed Susans, False Sunflowers and a very few zinnias.

I'm not dancing and shouting from the roof tops yet ............. but we do have flowers to make a few bouquets.  Every day gets better and better. 

Now if it will only stop raining!!!!!


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