Waving goodbye!

Twenty years ago .... Wave petunias were introduced.

And they were such a hit!  They take over large expanses .... up to 4 feet per plant.  They were easy to grow.  All they asked for was some sun, a little water and some scheduled fertilizing.  No deadheading ... no pruning.

Just plant and go.

Purple Wave petunias .... photo courtesy of Park Seed.

And they were pretty.

I guess.

Yes .... they are pretty!  But there was something ......... something missing.

Hello ...... Dream Mix petunia!

OK .... theses are going to take a tad more work.

Like ... I will have to walk by them and slip off the dead petunias.

Or maybe give them a haircut once this summer.

But I will probably have to get a haircut myself this summer!!!!

So what makes these petunias so wonderful?

Well .... other than the large blossoms.

Or the brilliant colors.

The scent!!  It has to be the scent!!!

Intoxicating ... wonderful ... perfumed scent!!!

To get the growth habit of Wave petunias, they bred the scent out.  :(

So .... I am waving goodbye to Wave petunias and setting my dreams of a beautiful, old-fashioned garden on Dream Mix.



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