Please don't call them wildflowers.........

The phone rings.

It is a bride, looking for flowers for her wedding.

I want wildflowers, she says.

I think to myself ............ You and everyone else that has been on Pinterest.

And then .... the internal war breaks out.

Do I???  Don't I??? Do I??? Don't I??? Do I correct them??

And I usually "do". 

Do you want orange ditch lilies, queen anne's lace, chickory and partridge peas???  Because I don't grow wildflowers.  I grow snapdragons and lilies and dahlias and zinnias and sunflowers.  And they don't grow wild ... they grow in rows with as few weeds as possible!  We call them "garden flowers".

Slow Flowers ..... locally grown fresh flowers.  Sustainably grown, carefully planted, staked, weeded and fertilized.  They are dead-headed and pinched and pampered.  This year ... they seem to only be watered by mass quantities of rain.  :(

Not wild flowers.

They are not wild.

I blame articles like this one for the misguided perception.

photo courtesy of Wedding Shoppe Inc blogger Hannah Arkelin

 Now ..... this is the line that really pisses me off.

  As “rustic chic” became popular, so did wildflowers. While I love the look, doesn’t it seem silly to spend upwards of $300 on a floral arrangement you can find in a field? It’s a bit excessive to send your personal attendants into the wild to find dream blossoms, but what about the local farmer’s market?

Wait???  You think these flowers grow willy-nilly in some roadside field???

Oh sista, spend a day in the heat and humidity, weeding with me and you will be paying that $300!!!

And then ... she posted a picture of the bouquet.

photo courtesy of Wedding Shoppe Inc blogger Hannah Arkelin

I love the bouquet!  I love that the flowers are local and were purchased at a farmer's market.

There are Asiatic lilies, sunflowers, zinnias, Blue Bedder salvia and snapdragons.  All grow in my cultivated gardens.

But I have yet to see a snapdragon or an Asiatic lily growing in the ditches along my gravel road.

I shouldn't pick on Hannah.

E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E is calling a loosely constructed bouquet made of naturally grown flowers .... wildflowers.

Not wild!

But realize .... these beauties take a lot of time and energy.

And love.

Still not wild!!!

We raise these beauties with love.

It's the secret ingredient!

Lizzies!!!  Love them!!!


I guess I always considered wildflowers to be all the flowers growing out in our pasture on its own. ;) That bouquet is lovely, though. =)
Anna said…
Thank you for making me laugh. I was trying to find pictures of actual wild crafted bouquets o actual flowers and plants growing wild. As I looked at the pictures I thought the same as you. These aren't wild!! Funny I was attracted to your picture to find some answers and I got confirmation that I wasn't completely off around the whole wild crafting concept. Thanks for your help and a good laugh!

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